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Confetti Naturescapes: Quilting Impressionist Landscapes, Dragon Threads, Worthington, OH, 2010


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2010 Peony - detail

Award-winning quilter Noriko Endo discusses here the inspiration she finds everywhere in nature and the techniques she employs to create her unique masterpieces—naturescape quilts that have the look of impressionist paintings and feature trees, flowers, sunsets, lakes, birds, and much more. The stunning photos throughout the book showcase her renowned nature imagery, with each one accompanied by a notation explaining how Endo conceived of the idea for the specific quilt and the techniques she used to create it. Shapes and images in her naturescapes are created through her confetti technique, which involves layering colorful bits of fabric on batting, adding a covering of tulle, and then machine quilting the entire piece. She takes readers on a step-by-step journey through her process of choosing a subject and selecting colors, then designing, constructing, and finishing the work.


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